Lucky Laker


Lucky Laker is a smart fish finder that uses wifi to match your phone.Take out your smartphone, whether it’s Android or iOS system, it can turn them into a Hi-powed sonar device in a few simple steps. With it, the powerful sonar device is in your hand and pocket.


Transform your phone with Lucky Laker Smart Fish finder

Bank fishing

Our portable smart fish finder is designed for recreational fishing that is the best choice for shore fishing or river bank.It is also suitable for family trips and recreational anglers, helping you locate the perfect fishing spot and find the fish school, what’s more enrich the fishing fun and relax at the same time.

Level up your fishing experience with smart settings

The high performance of Lucky Laker needs to cooperate with the APP developed by Lucky. The NEW “WIFI FISH FINDER” APP offers a variety of personalized options depending on anglers’ fishing types and the fishing environment. Don’t worry for now, you can adjust your sonar settings to suit your smart fishing

Since Lucky Laker is designed for recreational fishing and family fishing trip, we prepare the car charger port to ensure that your outdoor fishing ends successfully, no matter how many days you plan to travel, just bring your Lucky Laker and the car charger port.

Cast Laker into the water with the fishing rod, find its own WIFI signal and pair it with your phone, and you can explore Laker’s sonar performance within a operating range of 70 meters.

If you are a night fishing enthusiast, don’t worry about losing your Laker on a dark night. Because we have a transparent cover for you, just press the LED light and replace it with a transparent cover, then you can fishing at night. It will flash.

Casting and Scanning with Laker in 3 steps

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