Lucky Otter


Lucky Otter is a smart underwater fishing camera that provides a simple way to use. Just connect your smartphone to Otter’s own WIFI signal and you can see underwater real-time images. You can take photos or record videos and even a live story. Lucky Otter can make you as a socialist star in the fishing community.


Watch an exciting live show with Lucky Otter fishing camera

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This portable fishing camera  is designed for recreational fishing that is the best choice for shore fishing with children and family.Attach the camera to fishing rod, connect the wifi to smart phone and cast out.Then you can watch the exciting underwater live show.

Level up your fishing experience with smart settings

Lucky Otter is a wifi connection underwater fishing camera. Just connect the smart phone with Otter’s wifi signal and cast out the camera with fishing rod you can get a wonderful live show on your phone.

The camera can be adjusted to the vertical and the horizontal direction. No matter you put it into the water vertically or horizontally, you can directly experience the underwater wonderful live show from various angles.

The camera is surrounded by four sets of LED lamps that provide illumination in dark water conditions.

Lucky Otter as an underwater fishing camera has the function of taking photos and recording video that can help you be a social angler.

Casting and watch the live show with Otter in 3 steps

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