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Lucky Rambo

LUCKY RAMBO is the world’s only wearable color screen fish finder and has won numerous awards for innovative electronics.With the watch and fishing sonar functions Rambo really achieves great value for money.Not limited to fishing types and weather conditions, you only need to wear this fish finder to lighten your fishing tackle box weight and your life pressure.

Category: Lucky Wearable fish finder

Lighten your fishing tackle box weight with Lucky Rambo

Bank fishing

Bank fishing

A wearable display and a wireless sonar sensor makes Lucky Rambo the World’s only wearable fish finder ever. Wear it on your wrist just like a watch and with the 70 meters operating distance you can enjoy the master experience while fishing on the shore.

Kayak fishing

Kayak fishing

Drive your kayak on the river,take a wearable fish finder must be the right choice. Even without any fixed mounting base which can save your time and money.All you need is a fish finder which also works as a watch. Just wear it on your wrist and cast the wireless sonar sensor with the fishing line,and you can get the great information under your kayak.

Boat fishing

Boat fishing

Lucky Rambo as a world’s only wearable fish finder offers all the function as a wireless fishing sonar. Easy to use with no drilling on your boat, it provide the best features of a portable fish finder which saves your money and time. For boa renting and leisure kayak activity, just wear the Rambo fishing sonar, you can enjoy both relaxation and fishing.

Enrich your fishing adventure with the world’s only wearable fish finder

Lucky Rambo is the only wearable fishing sonar in the world. It’s not only a fish finder,but also works as a watch. Just wear it on your wrist,a convenient and efficient fishing experience is within your control

Dot-matrix screen display offers enough information for the angler.Fish depth and size,water temperature,scanning depth and bottom environment make the Lucky Rambo your best choice.

Lucky Rambo works in wireless mode.The wireless sonar sensor scanning in 90° beam angle and 45 meters depth. With the 70 meters operating distance, it can satisfy various fishing type.

Casting and Scanning with Rambo in 3 steps

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