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Lucky Spear is definitely a best fishing mate for your bait boat. It is equipped with a wireless converter that allows you to remotely control the bait boat in the receiving range of 300m. Just drive out your bait boat, Lucky Spear will provide you great information to identify the best bait position and fish depth.


   Drive your Bait boat with Spear Sonar Tec

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Just install the sonar transducer on the bottom of your bait boat and leave the display on shore. Drive the bait boat, which is a powerful sonar detector.Fishing for you now is as exciting as a remote-controlled game.

Elegant fishing with the best bait boat fishing mate

What’s your most concern of driving your bait boat with a fishing sonar?I’m sure some anglers will experience a loss of contact between the sonar transducer and the display. The Spear will gives you a safe operating range of up to 300 meters.

Lucky Spear’s screen monitor is proper enough to show you what’s there under your bait boat, The great information will allow you to make the right decisions about where to drive and when to release the bait.

There are many types of bait boats on the market and they are constantly being updated.To make it easier to match your bait boat, Lucky sonar has prepared three different shapes of rubber pads to match various bait boats

The long distance operating range and the high-performance sonar transducer makes it the best bait boat fishing mate.

Install and Scanning with Lucky Spear in 3 steps

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