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You are here to find out which fish finder is right for you and we are here to provide you with important information. That's why we're going to say it - color fish finders are better than black and white monitors.
Why Color Displays Are So Much Better?
The most basic job of a fish finder is very simple: The sonar fish finder sends and receives ultrasonic signals to scan underwater biomes. It displays the lakebed on a handheld device through sonar imaging. The way these results are displayed is very important as it allows the user to differentiate the size of the fish, its depth, and underwater information.
This means that information density is key - fishing requires patience and quick action. It would be nice to have a display that is clear at a glance.
Modern high-definition color screens can display millions of different colors. When it comes to black and white, we're stuck in grayscale—all of which are shades of gray.
Now, you're probably better than most at distinguishing grays at a glance, and if you're one of those rare people, a black-and-white monitor might be for you. However, it's important to see the different shades of color accurately to determine the type of bottom we're fishing on.Is the color of the monitor the most important thing?
Won't. While we think color displays are very important, the most important thing is resolution. If information density is king when it comes to displays, then a resolution is the crown jewel.
It tells you how many pixels can be displayed on your display. The more pixels, the more information you get. Think of it this way: if there's only one pixel, the whole screen is just one dot. Every extra pixel is extra information you can access. Higher-resolution displays are also easier to read because they show clean, crisp images.
Lucky fish finder FF718
Is it a good idea to buy a fish finder with a black and white display? the
certainly! Black and white monitors are much cheaper. You can find portable black and white fish finders for under $100. If affordability is an important factor for you, a black-and-white monitor can save you money.
However, if you're looking at any high-end model, you'll quickly find that black and white isn't an option at all. Even at a lower price, buying a color monitor doesn't add much to the price of the device, which is one of the reasons why we advocate color monitors so much.

Lucky portable fish finder FF718

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