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No signal or signal instability?

1.The distance between the receiver and the wireless transmitter that ex-ceeds the maximum receiving distance.
2.If there is an obstacle between the wireless transmitter and the receiver, the wireless signal will be disturbed and is recommended for use in an open environment.
3.The movement of wireless transmitter is too fast, resulting in the unstable wireless signals.
4.Waves on the water surface cause wireless signal interruption and are recommended for use in a stable environment.
5.Check if there is water in the wire-less transmitter, it is recommended to tighten the cover then put it in the water.

Inaccurate depth?

1.Fish finder need to be used in naturally open water.
2.Wireless transmitter signal is strong, in the same area to avoid the use of other fishing detectors.
3.Check to see if the wireless transmitter is undercharged.
4.To check if there is water in the transmitter, it is recommended to tighten the lid and put it into the water.
5.Detect detection ranges. Whether the water depth is less than 0.7 m.It is recommended for use above 0.7m in water.

No fish detected?

1.No fish in current water.
2.Check that the fish icon and fish alarm are working.

Screen display problem?

1.If the display shows large clutter, may be fishing nets by underwater, it is recommended to avoid the detection of the water.
2. If the screen shows the whole bluecolor and the surface clutter is too stronger, it is recommended to use in naturally open water.