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Previously, wireless echo sounders belonged to fish finders and were only used for fishing on fishing boats. Fishermen in Western Europe have been using wireless echo sounders for many years. In our country, such devices became popular not so long ago and are most often used on the shore.
Lucky wireless fish finder
How does a wireless echo sounder work?
The earliest wireless echo sounders had many inaccuracies, and consumers were only satisfied with the results after several attempts. A classic echo sounder can reveal structures on the bottom, magnify the image, signal when fish are spotted, and determine the distance to desired objects. Both professional fishermen and amateurs can purchase wireless echo sounders. Modern technologies have made it possible to produce echo sounders that can autonomously provide a sufficiently long period of operation.
The wireless fish finder offers the ability to adjust the sensor sensitivity and display the water temperature, you can set the sound notification function for the presence of fish, you can also set the immersion depth and chart speed.

Lucky portable fish finder

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