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As the sky began to brighten, we embarked on our journey to Lake Kinzan in Hokkaido. We had heard that there were plenty of fish there, but we weren't sure of the specifics. Perhaps we would catch even more fish than we expected, so there was a sense of nervousness within us.

Upon reaching our destination at 7 a.m., strong winds of over 13 levels began to blow. After confirming fish activity beneath the ice using the Lucky fish finder FF068, we successfully set up our tent before 8 a.m. and prepared to start ice fishing.

For this ice fishing trip, we used the Lucky fish finder FF068 for the first time. Our initial impression was that it was very compact. The Lucky fish finder FF068 is about the size of a palm, making it convenient to carry in your pocket. Of course, before using the Lucky fish finder FF068, its sonar probe needs to be placed in the water. The Lucky fish finder FF068 can display water depth, underwater vegetation, rocks, and whether there is fish activity underwater in a simple manner. For example, the Lucky fish finder FF068 currently shows a water depth of about 5.7 meters, with some water grass and rocks at the bottom, and signs of fish activity at both the bottom and top layers of the water.


Lucky fish finder


The reaction of the small fish underwater to the bait was quite evident, as we caught 7 fish right from the start. This time, we caught three fish simultaneously, and we hoped to maintain this state throughout.

ice fish finder

The feeling was quite amazing, with fish continuously biting the hook. In just a short 2 hours, we caught 400 fish, and after catching 700 fish, we decided to head back.


ice fishing

Overall, the Lucky fish finder FF068 is very useful. With it, we can quickly determine suitable fishing spots, understand water depth, and the depth of fish groups. Moreover, the Lucky fish finder FF068 is reasonably priced, making it a very good value for money choice.

sonar fish finder


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